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As special requirements can often not be served by a ready-made or standard solution: Weiß Werkzeugtechnik tools are developed and manufactured according to the customer‘s specific and individual requirements. Tool layout, design and manufacture are hereby subject to our philosophy of providing tools for maximum productivity, longevity and optimal appliance. Our success is based on many years of experience in this field.

Renowned customers from the medical engineering industry, the machine building industry, the aviation industry, the mould making, plastics and wood industries already rely on our special milling cutters. In order to fulfil the requirements of such different areas of operations, the Weiß Werkzeugtechnik programme includes a wide variety of tool types: Atraumatic cutters, mouse tooth cutters, angular milling cutters, radius form end mills in solid carbide and HSS-E are only some examples of our product range.

Apart from an excellent product quality, we offer a range of services that increase tool life and their performance. Regrinding service, re-cutting of teeth and different surface treatments are part of the Weiß service package to maximize tool life. Because we work for your success – without accepting compromises!